Valtra – You Don’t Compromise, and Neither Did We

Built in Finland, Valtra is in a class of its own. These award-winning tractors are designed to perform in any environment, combining innovative and versatile controls with a robust, powerful build.

Waikato Tractors is your partner in farming equipment & tractors. We are Waikato’s leading Valtra tractor dealers. We have a wide range of Valtra tractors for sale in our Waikato showroom so you can browse online and then visit us in store

Valtra is one of the top tractor brands in Europe, and Waikato Tractors Ltd is proud to bring these innovative machines to farms across New Zealand. As trusted Valtra tractor dealers, we offer a versatile line-up of some of the latest tractors and farm equipment from Valtra.

Why Valtra?

Valtra is a brand that has an eye for detail. These tractors are comfortable and easy to manoeuvre, designed for working long hours in the field. With excellent traction and pull, they allow you to work on any task with speed and efficiency.

• Legendary reliability and build quality
• Highest ground clearance on the market
• Separate hydraulic and transmission oils on Versu and Direct models – less contamination, oil-change intervals up to 2400 hours
• Proven and reliable large-capacity SISU AGCO power engines
• Long wheelbase and air suspension axle gives the smoothest ride of any conventional tractor
• Large and useable toolbox provides ample storage space
• Huge range of factory options to suit your requirements – even choose your colour
• Factory fitted Quicke loaders and integrated front linkage
• Best manoeuvrability of any tractor in their class

Available in various sizes, there are Valtra tractors for all applications. These tractors feature a robust engine with versatile transmissions, low maintenance costs and a huge amount of power — Valtra tractors are a truly unique machine, in this regard.

Valtra tractors perform at a higher level than similar-sized machines. The agility and ease of use which characterize these machines make them a favourite of operators who expect more from their tractors.

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Valtra G Series 105 – 135 HP

Experience the new generation with the Valtra G Series tractor

The G Series is a full-featured multi-purpose tractor for your everyday farming needs. It has an advanced power lift and effective working hydraulics: in HiTech open centre, while Active and Versu offer a closed centre load sensing system. High hydraulic pump capacities (100/110 l/min) guarantee speed, ease of use and full-featured implement control.

The G Series is the perfect tractor for front loader with great visibility in all directions. Its new 6-speed Powershift gives the driver better work speed possibilities. The Versu model is integrated with Valtra Smart Farming features that are the perfect gateway to the world of precision farming. Read more

Download a Valtra G Series Product Brochure

Valtra N Series 115 – 201 HP

The new Valtra N Series drives like a small tractor, but works like a big one. It features the most powerful engine in its class, yet the handling is agile enough for more delicate work. And with longer service intervals and lower fuel consumption, the total cost of ownership is kept to a minimum. Read more

Download a Valtra N Series Product Brochure

Valtra T Series 155 – 271 HP

Thanks to the T Series’ engine features, robust and versatile transmissions, low maintenance costs and a range of unique tractor features, you get low total cost of ownership. With 250 hp, you have power to spare. Read more

Download a Valtra T Series Product Brochure

Valtra S Series 290-405HP

THE NEW VALTRA S394 WITH 405 HP. The fourth generation Valtra S Series is a tractor whose balanced performance help you get the most out of your new investment – to maximise output and minimise costs. S Series tractors have everything you need but nothing that is unnecessary. Each detail has been carefully thought out, as profitability is the sum of competitive technology, reliability, operating costs, ergonomics, services and resale value. Read more

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