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Strength, traction and reliability — these qualities set Fendt tractors apart from other brands. Waikato Tractors offer a wide selection of some of the most sought-after and versatile Fendt tractors for sale in New Zealand, catering to the needs and requirements of Waikato farmers.

Established Fendt Tractor Dealers

Waikato Tractors has 35 years of experience selling and servicing tractors and farm equipment. As trusted Fendt tractor dealers, you can be assured that we only stock top-quality, high-performance machines that bring efficiency and versatility to your farm’s operations.

Our tractors are available in a wide range of sizes and designs, each suited to a range of applications. Fendt tractors feature powerful engines with exceptional traction suited to even the toughest terrain. Easy to manoeuvre, with excellent fuel economy, these tractors are leaders in their field. They will not let you down and are a truly great addition to any modern farm.

Browse the range of Fendt tractors for sale Waikato wide and learn more about what makes Fendt one of our top machines.

"It's not fuel, but hydraulic fluid that flows through the veins of a Fendt tractor."


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