Waikato Tractors are proud to be the North Island distributor for Allen Custom Seed Drills.

Allen Custom Drills

Manufacture air seeder direct drills specifically built to meet New Zealand’s tough land conditions. Drills that can not only sustain the conditions long-term but provide the most accurate results.

Good old Kiwi ingenuity and innovation are the heart of every Allen Custom Drill. Build using four key principles; Accuracy, Simplicity, Durability and Reliability. Drills are built with everything to the customer’s specifications whether it’s working width, or if it has a fertiliser box, insecticide box, crane and more.

Allen Custom Drills are built to an extremely high standard and are very proud to be producing a New Zealand made product and right here in Ashburton. The staff at Allen are experts at what they do. Every engineer working on the machine, every part incorporated into the machine, is closely monitored and carefully checked through. The best part for us is seeing the drills out there working, handling some rough conditions and seeing the client’s seed take off.


Allen C-D Series

The C-D Series is the flagship Allen custom contour drill. Made up of a triple disc system utilising 17 inch front turbo discs, mounted on a two-row system to successfully drill through heavy conditions.

Seeding legs have been designed in a parallelogram, with no individual depth adjustment. Adjusting seed depth is performed on either two or three sections depending on the drill width. This system has proven to be a simple and efficient process, as well as hosting the least moving componentry as possible.  This is the ultimate drill with every possible option available.  5” or 6” spacing.  Working width 3-6m.  Available with up to four seed and fert bins.

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Allen E-D Series

This drill is designed as an economic triple disc, direct drill. The little brother to the larger C-D series yet still offering the same primary design principles, but with a lower horsepower requirement.  Available in seed and fertiliser options with 5” or 6” row spacing and now available as a 3m, or folding machine at 4m.

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If you would like to know more about these exceptional NZ build machines and how they could help on your farm then click here to contact one of the team.

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