Valtra-TT Series
155 – 250 hp
Valtra T Series tractors have been designed to meet the needs of today’s professional farmers and contractors. The T Series combines the traditional power and strength of Valtra tractors with the unparalleled versatility offered by Valtra’s customer order system.
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valtra-NN Series
99 – 171 hp
Valtra N Series tractors range from 88 to 152 horsepower; the most versatile 4-cylinder tractors in their class. This is a new kind of tractor that combines the very best of performance and specifications in a balanced and functional package. The tractor’s long wheelbase makes it particularly stable and ideal for front loader operation.
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valtra-AA Series

74 – 101 hp
Valtra’s light and nimble A Series tractors are well suited for all kinds of farm work. Their small size, compact build and manoeuvrability are clear advantages at crop and cattle farms as well as in forest and municipal work.
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