The Powerspread Dairy is a general purpose side discharge farm spreader that will spread all types of slurry and straw yard dung. It has a fixed main auger speed of 13 rpm at 540 PTO speed which makes for fast and efficient spreading. The overshot impeller spins at 700 rpm giving a fine fragmentation to the dung and an even and accurate spread of up to 18-metres wide.

New dairy range with the patented centrally opening door is fed from both ends of the spreader body by means of a contra-rotating auger which reduces internal stress in the spreader body and provides a boiling action to further break down the dung inside prior to being spread by the impeller. The door opens vertically allowing use of the full width of the impeller even when applying a very fine amount of slurry or dung.

The drive system is via a heavy duty chain and sprocket system for ease of maintenance and has separate shear bolt protection for both the auger and the impeller. The tapered body design and low central auger gives good stability and the standard 23.1 x 26 tyres ensure minimal compaction.

The latest version of the longstanding Powerspread Dairy range was launched in March 2012. Updates include a stronger driveline with uprated 12mm auger shearbolt and the new grey and black Shelbourne livery.

The range now consists of a 1600 gallon and 2000 gallon model

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