German-built PTG Tyre Inflation systems are supplied and fitted at Waikato Tractors.

AIRBOX/drive 2L with digital control

Dual line tyre inflation system for tractors 

Advantages to the dual line technology

    • up to 20 % less tyre wear
    • up to 10 % less fuel consumption
    • up to 20 % more traction power
    • up to 6 % more yield
    • Maintenance free rotary unions, no greasing needed
    • Tough and durable rotary unions thanks to special seals
    • Line system at zero pressure when switched off
    • Switchable tyre valves with anti-kickback attachment (i.e. no manually activated ball valves in the rims)
    • No loss of tyre pressure if the line comes off
    • Long life of rotary unions (only under pressure during adjustment)
    • Lines may be disconnected after use
    • Maximum user comfort thanks to digital control

Air Supply Systems for Tractors

S1000 air supply system (1,000 L/min) for tractors

The hydraulically powered S1000 compressor is used on tractors where tyre inflation using the tractor’s standard air compressor takes too long. The unit especially features a compact design and a minimal power requirement.

  • Rotary screw compressor with oil radiator: 7.5 bar (110 psi)
  • Powered by an axial piston motor
  • Effective delivery performance: 800 – 1000 L/min at 2 bar (29 psi) resistance
  • Oil capacity: 5L
  • Oil requirement of the hydraulic motor: approx. 35 L/min


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