Massey Ferguson Tractors: Durable and Dependable

Massey Ferguson is a world-class manufacturer of some of the most widely used and trusted agricultural equipment on the planet. Known for their durability and strength, Massey Ferguson has been the tractor brand of choice of farmers the world over for sixty years.

Waikato Tractors has a great selection of Massey Ferguson tractors for sale, suited to a wide range of on-farm applications. From ploughing and planting, to growing and harvesting. If you are looking to buy a Massey Ferguson tractor, Waikato Tractors will ensure you get the right tractor for the job. We are the premier Massey Ferguson dealer in the Waikato and will do everything we can to help you find the right tractor for the job.

Massey Ferguson tractors are farm machines you can truly depend on. View our selection below and see the difference.

High Range Horsepower

We have a range of Massey Ferguson tractors for sale, Waikato wide. These tractors are some of the toughest, highest performing tractors in this high-powered range, bringing the versatility and durability that you need for highly efficient and productive farm operations.

This multi-skilled range of award-winning tractors offers huge power and maximum output for a diverse range of tasks. With a great range of additional options, our high-horsepower range is the most comfortable and effortless range yet.

MF 8700
270 – 400 hp
The groundbreaking MF 8700 series offers some of the most efficient,
effective and usable power in its category.
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MF 7700
165 – 280 hp 
The MF 7700 tractor series from Massey Ferguson has been specifically
designed to meet to the needs of farming professionals, whatever your business environment and operations, from mixed farming to arable and contracting businesses.
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MF 7600
140 – 150 hp Tier 2
Combining intelligent technology with straightforward rugged construction, these machines are designed to boost productivity, save fuel and reduce emissions.
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Mid Range Horsepower

Our mid-range Massey Ferguson tractors are a cost-efficient choice that gives you more bang for your buck.

There is a tractor to suit most tasks and budgets in this range – reliable run-arounds for medium-sized farms and larger units. This range offers the power, comfort and versatility for a wide range of farming duties.

MF 6700s
120 – 200 hp
The moment you look at the MF 6700 S, you have this ‘dejà-vu’ feeling
you get with each X700 Series Generation from Massey Ferguson — except
for the product number decal, the design is pretty much similar, and nothing looks changed.
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MF 5700 SL
100 – 130 hp
The Massey Ferguson DNA clearly runs through the MF 5700 SL range
continuing the triumphant multi award-winning legacy of its predecessors in
this 100-130hp power segment.
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MF 4700 & MF 5700
74 – 102 hp
Suitable for a multitude of tasks throughout New Zealand, and tailored to
meet your specific requirements, these are the tractors the world’s farmers
depend on day in, day out – the new Massey Ferguson Global Series.
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MF 4600
80 – 100 hp
The ultimate utility tractor that delivers big engine muscle from three cylinder
AGCO POWER, the MF4600 Series offer power shuttle performance and
comfort taking you to a new level of productivity. Perfect for livestock farming, dairy, hay and general farm work.
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MF 2600
39 – 74 hp
The Massey Ferguson 2600 Series is a rugged line of utility tractors that
are built to get the job done. These tractors are dependable, efficient and rugged – ideal workhorses for small properties and commercial operations.
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When you need a lightweight, yet reliable tractor for simple tasks, we also have a range of compact Massey Ferguson tractors for sale. They are designed with the same high standards as our high and mid-range models, but in a compact form.

Our range of small, lightweight compact tractors are ideally suited to all horticulture, golf course and sports stadium requirements along with many local authority amenities and a host of other applications.

GC 1700 Series Compact Tractor
23 – 25hp
Compact Tractor, Big Performance. For both residential and professional operations –
unmatched, versatile capabilities around your property or business.
Available with loader, mower and backhoe options, the MF GC1700 is the ideal machine
for a wide variety of tasks and business operations.
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