MF5710_MF1840BALER_SORGHUM_SA_MAR16-6223_117925Massey Ferguson, a worldwide brand of AGCO, has announced an extension to its Global Series utility tractor range with the release of the MF5700 Series. Two new larger and more powerful models at 92hp and 102hp continue on from the successful MF4700 Series (74hp – 82hp) that was released in Australia and New Zealand in 2014.

“The release of the new MF4700 Series in 2014 was an exciting initiative as it allowed us to offer customers a new concept in utility tractors with a choice of build-specifications, options and accessories at exceptional value,” says Tim Oldaker, Product Manager for Massey Ferguson. “The new MF5700 Series further increases the offering and provides added flexibility for customers wishing to tackle heavier tasks with a straightforward and dependable tractor.”

Massey Ferguson’s Global Series is the result of a $350 million investment in a completely new, clean sheet design with more than 90% of the parts and components being engineered specifically for the tractors.

“Unlike the majority of other tractors in the sector, which are based on earlier designs and components, the Massey Ferguson Global Series has been designed and built in the 21st Century and is purpose-built for modern applications. While using the very latest, advanced engineering and manufacturing tools and techniques, they still retain our traditional straightforward operation, dependability and value for money,” says Tim.

MF5700 Series features:
• MF5709 (92hp), MF5710 (102hp) AGCO POWER 4.4 litre, four cylinder turbocharged, mechanical fuel injected engine

Most modern straightforward transmission
Massey Ferguson engineers at Beauvais, France developed a completely new transmission with hydraulic reverse shuttle and 12 synchronised forward/reverse speeds which are engaged with two straightforward levers mounted on either side of the driver’s seat. The levers act directly on the selector rails, which offer simple, easy and reliable operation – one lever shifts the gears, while the other selects high or low range.

Operator Platform
Both models are available with comfortable, flat floor platform operator environments with logical and easy to use controls that are operated manually and thanks to good, ergonomic design all fall to hand easily. An analogue instrument panel provides information on engine speed, fuel level and temperature as well as housing the warning lights for 4WD, PTO, diff-lock and other functions. A digital display shows PTO speed, engine hours and forward speed. A fully approved ROPS frame is fitted as standard on both models with an optional sun canopy.

Rear Axle
The modern, heavy duty, structural casting rear axle design contains new inboard reduction units and oil-immersed brakes. Responsive electronic hitch control combines with straightforward operation of the lever. Maximum rear lift capacity is 3,300kg.

Completely new hydraulic power
Massey Ferguson has developed a completely new open-centre hydraulic system for the Global Series, which exceeds the flow and pressure demands of most modern applications and implements.

This employs a responsive, high pressure gear pump to supply the main services including rear linkage and auxiliary spool valves, while another pump provides lower pressure for the auxiliary hydraulic circuits including the steering, 4WD and diff-lock engagement as well as PTO control. This dual circuit system ensures there is always sufficient flow for continuous, efficient operations.

Centre drive four-wheel drive
The modern gearbox design provides an additional output shaft to provide drive to the front axle. The drive shaft is tucked neatly underneath the centre of the gearbox and engine and is fully guarded for protection.

Four-wheel drive is engaged electro-hydraulically on the move, through a simple, robust ‘dog-tooth’ clutch. It is permanently engaged by spring pressure and released by hydraulic pressure. The purpose-built 4WD front axles with hydrostatic steering, offer excellent maneuverability and enhanced traction.

For more information about the MF5700 Global Series please contact Waikato Tractors